To everyone whose heart prompts them to give…

How does the heart get prompted to give in the first place?

Obviously manipulation, coercion, and bribery would not be motivations to give from the heart but from guilt and shame.

The very first fund raising campaign was conducted by a professional fund raiser to build Himself a place where He could go and set up camp.

He knew that He had to declare this place a special place, a place of spiritual signifacance, for if the hearts of the people were to respond, they need to respond as an act of worship.  In that act of worship, they could take what they had and separate it from themselves and devout that gift to the service of God and in His case, for the use of building Him a home.

Therefore, the only requirement for giving – a prompted heart – which means that whatever we offered was going to be good enough and it mattered not that you were a person that was position high or low, rich or poor – so long as you gave freely as an expression of your heart being prompted to do so.

This act of worship was the yardstick given from that point onward – that whatever we do for the worship and service of God, we should do it freely, cheerfully and cordially – for God does love a cheerful giver;  and if this was required under the legal dispensation, it is much more necessary and obligatory under the Gospel dispensation, and more suitable to it where all things are done and given freely of God, and such large blessings of grace are liberally given by Him on persons undeserving – you and me.


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