Now is the time of God’s favour

Jesus became the medium between God and ourselves, establishing a different kind of relationship and revealing the character of God.

Now, because of Jesus, God is willing to hear, disposed to show mercy, that time has come when He is willing to pardon and to save.

We now call God’s place of residence – the throne of grace – made accessible through Christ, as He intercedes on our behalf.

There is talk again about two new dates for when the world will end.  Silly of course, and met with fun because the world should have ended a number of times already based on individuals forecasting.  However, I believe it is key to note, that we do have God’s favour, today, to obtain this salvation that He freely offers.   Understand, the easy of accepting His favour – has a time limit – that offer will not always stand.

There will be a day when this period of grace will end, no mercy will be shown and where compassion is unknown.

It is the good news of Jesus, this being His time to be made known that makes this time, today, a day of mercy.

As this gospel is shared, the Spirit of God takes the Word and begins to wrestle within us – that wrestling should cause some deep reflection or conviction for what separates us from God.

We are encouraged to respond quickly to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to respond to this call of salvation because there will be a time where, if you continue to wait, you will not be able to respond and will go unprepared to eternity.

Because we cannot calculate on the future. We have no assurance, no evidence that we shall live another day, or hour.

This may not be readily understood by everyone, but if people grieve away the Holy Spirit; if they continue to reject the gospel; if they go unprepared to eternity, no mercy can be found. God does not design to pardon beyond the grave. He has made no provision for forgiveness there; and they who are not pardoned in this life, must be unpardoned forever.

Today is the day to make the decision to follow Christ.


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