He will sustain you; never be shaken


This link does a good job of taking a number of commentaries and putting them together to form a rather interesting dialogue of God taking care of us, along with some other comments.

However, I think that we need to focus on an issue that affects all of us and at some point, we will recognise this as the “wall” in our relationship with God, just as it is in our relationships – that is – trust.

For we will not give anything to God, not even if we think He is able to take care of us, if we do not trust Him.

Of course the second issue of never being shaken is the outcome that develops trust and is the fruit of that trust once it is deposited into the relationship – but trust comes first.


This link suggests that friends are God’s way of looking after us.

Which is true in the sense that it is the tangible expression of God’s love, not so much on the “never shaken” side of things because friends will be friends until they need to look after themselves.

However, what is missed in this link is the expression of this sustaining coming from within, deep within, similar to chaos and noise surrounding us and yet the centre of quiet within is louder, stronger, more peaceful than what the eye or ear see or hear.

More of a grounding, or being grounded, allowing only to be swayed in the midst of strive, but never moved.

What if we even take all the blessings that we receive or are allowed to receive from the Lord, and leave those with Him too?  What if we did not demand “heaven on earth” and trusted God to give to us when we actually needed it and we waited for Him to give it to us in due time or I should say, His time?  That would be an act of trust for sure.

Could we even say the commitment of keeping our soul?

This one is hard for me.  So many times I think I have missed my mark – that God has put me on the shelf – that I have waited so long for that special moment of ministry that maybe, probably, it has passed me by.  Can I give that calling back to God and trust Him with the outcome – that what, when, where and how?

If we do, we will never have to walk alone.  Our spirit will be strengthened by His Spirit, to the point, I believe, that even sickness cannot move us.  For the sustaining is not freedom, in the sense that strife will be removed, freedom in the sense that we do not have to be tempted to go around, under or over the obstacle – it will come down.

So then, we will be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing – looking good, not shaken or stirred.  Might be uncomfortable, but not ready to quit.

A little bit of something I would never really want to show, but I think she is really sincere and that makes the difference today – enjoy this.


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