At this my heart pounds…

I have just finished reading the first few verses of Job and started to cry as I thought how amazing, strong, loving, how secure I am in His arms, what have I to fear.  I am sure that it helps that I absolutely love a storm, love thunder and lightning as they have always symbolized the greatness and majesty of God – to be awed, respected, admired.

Thunder and lightning, which usually go together, one to the ear and the other to the eye. Another indication of His goodness and His greatness is the incredible amount of rain that falls during such a storm that is meant to refresh our crops and this even to the most stupid and unthinking.

Though there are natural causes and useful effects of storms, which the philosophers undertake to account for, yet they seem chiefly designed by God to startle and awaken the slumbering world to the fact that there just might be a God above them.

The eye and the ear are the two learning senses; and therefore, though such a circumstance is possible, they say it was never known in fact that any one was born both blind and deaf. God’s words are conveyed to the mind through the ear, by His works through the eye; but, because those ordinary sights and sounds do not duly affect us, God is pleased sometimes to astonish us by the eye with His lightnings and by the ear with His thunder.

Do you think?

To others, thunder and lightning have been dreadful- the emperor Caligula would run into a corner, or under a bed, for fear of them.

An contemporay expression used today for those who are very much astonished, we say, are thunder-struck.

Thunder is called the voice of the Lord.   The claps of thunder roll under the whole heaven, and are heard far and near; so are the lightnings darted to the ends of the earth; they come out of the one part under heaven and shine to the other.  Though the same lightning and thunder do not reach to all places, yet they reach to very distant places in a moment, and there is no place but, some time or other, has these alarms from heaven.

No wonder Jesus walking on water in the middle of a storm was no big deal to Him – His Father was right there with Him.


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  1. nice story you have. 🙂


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