I would have given you even more…

Sometimes I think is it easier to forget the amazing things that God has already done for us.  When we do that, we forgot that He has designed even greater things for us.

We ask God for amazing things to happen within us and sense His anointing, transforming power as we are called and as we engage in service – and not once are we ungrateful.

In the past six months of ministry with SAT-7 Canada, I have been spoiled rotten.  My “need” list has been filled, my “want” list has been filled, my “it would be nice” list has been filled – do I dare ask for more?  Is God open to giving more?

What a reflection of a character of who God is.  God is a God who gives liberal gifts, where He gives much, He finds room to give more.  His treasures that He wants to give to us should keep us from being discontent and should keep us from desiring that which He has not given, nor intends to give.  In fact, it is ungrateful to desire something that God has said we cannot have.

We have liberty to pray for what God has promised, and that is enough.


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