You desired faithfulness and You taught me wisdom

The concept of desire – to have pleasure in, delight, totally agreeable  and it fits.

Faithfulness is like reins, where the mind, the feelings, the intellect are all pulled in together and charged to be “pure” and to be satisfied with nothing else.

If we look at the very nature of God, and the requirements He asks from us in order to be “pleased,” then we see, maybe for the first time, just how our hearts are so vile, polluted, corrupt and we wonder how could a holy God love such a heart as ours.

So we turn our hearts to prayer and to confession.

And the cleaning begins, hidden from ourselves, even the soul itself.  For there, wisdom, saving wisdom was to find its place.

Lord only you only can help me understand what is truly wise.  This wisdom, this cleansing, this knowledge of the way in which a guilty person can be restored to favor, can be imparted only by You; and “You will do it.”

Such a prayer is a recognition of the truth that this “must” come from God, and an act of faith, or a strong assurance that He “would” make this happen.


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