You know when you are established and why…

One of the key signs is prosperity and success which attends to everything you set your hand to: and that this happens not as a benefit to you personally but as an opportunity to participate for the sake of those you are with and for their advantage, glory and benefit than for your own.

Many have the favour and love of God, yet do not perceive it, and so want the comfort of it; but to be made aware to that, and to perceive it, is happiness.

It is so important to be humbled by the fact that this favour can come from people we might consider unimportant.  Their gifts and favour can make a huge difference in what we do and continues to show that God can bless whomever and can use whomever to bless others.

May we thank God everyday for His favour, love and grace and everyday may we look for opportunities to be givers of His favour, love and grace to others.


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