…who comforts us, so we can comfort those…

God has promised us His support, filling us with comfort in our trials through the influence of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter with the ultimate hope of eternal life as given through the gospel of Jesus our Redeemer.

I do not think that this is the only design which God had in mind when it comes to comforting and impacting comfort to others; but I think that it is important and might be the main purpose.

The object would be that as you and I go through our own affliections, are supported and comforted and our hearts are ministered and consoled with the end result being a personal experience of having the sustaining power of grace in our trials.  This becomes what is called, our testimony, a sharing of the comfort we have received from the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

So the same sources that helped sustain and comfort us and give us joy in the morning. we must now share those and minister to those who are going through what we have gone through.  So our experience, personal experience, give evidence to light at the end of the tunnel.  The message is still the same – we will experience pardon of sin, acceptance with God and the hope of eternal life.  Where these elements of faith may have dimmed through the trials, they are now enjoyed and embraced with our fellow followers in Christ and we have been comforted and our friends have been our comforters.

Check out this very inspiration channel that is dedicated to do this…



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