Who stands firm…

May heart is hurting more and more these days for those in the Middle East and North Africa who find themselves drawn to Christ, yet are unable to proclaim their faith or desire to pursue faith in Christ because of fear.

When Jesus declared to His followers that they would be hated by all people – He was not kidding.  Each of them suffered incredible deaths and even though John was spared, he still went through the process of being put to death, but the methods used were unsuccessful.  They finally decided to banish him to an island.

Here I am in Canada, able to proclaim my faith, at times being ridiculed, at times finding myself outside the circle of influence, sometimes labelled, but never threatened with death.  Actually once, from some Muslims who I unknowingly sent literature at Christmas time.  If what I received then indicates the violence promised to those of faith in the Middle East, how can they then stand?

And yet there is a way – and many, for the sake of Christ and His Gospel, profess and preach.

For those of you who do, I am ashamed of my own limitations in standing, but am encouraged to do so when I pray for you.  I know that together we shall endure reproaches, afflictions, and persecutions.  As we do so patiently, we continue to persevere in the faith of Christ, in the profession of His name, and in preaching His Gospel.

In the end of our troubles and the end of our lives we shall be saved, not with a temporal, but with an everlasting salvation. As I help bring this Gospel through the airwaves of satellite television and others assist on the ground to disciple and share in the faith of Jesus, know that we also are praying together, that together, because we stood firm, we shall see God face to face and worship Him as family – forever.


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