Do you need a guide to take you right up to your death?

How about beyond death?

How about knowing that no matter what comes along your way; that you will never be forsaken?

What if you could have more than just a guide, what if you could have your guide as a guide, protector, friend?

What if the only cost to you would be that you would have to put your trust in this Guide?

This is exactly the job description that God has created for Himself in order to help us understand what He is capable and willing of doing and being.

His points of responsibilities include:

(a) the counsels of His word;

(b) the influences of His Spirit;

(c) His divine interpositions;

(d) special help in special trials;

(e) shedding light on our path when in perplexity and doubt; and

(f) support and direction when we walk in the dark and the unknown way which ultimately ends at the grave.

I know that I need nothing more in this life than the confidence of having God for my guide, and that He will never leave me or forsake me regardless of the situation in which I may find or have put myself.

To this end, if God, by His own hand, will conduct me through this world, and lead me safely through the dark valley – that valley which lies at the end of every traveler’s path – I have nothing to fear beyond.

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