Have Faith in God

From my SAT-7 background, I gleaned from the Syriac that this is translated as “the faith of God” and the Arabic version renders it, “believe in God.”

Basically, we need to make use of the faith which God has for us – for it is for the work that God has for us to do – remember it is a free or grace gift of His.  It is supported by His power and encouraged by His goodness,  truth, and faithfulness. All this not to just dry up a fig tree, but whatever task might be even greater.

And it will be useful for us to keep in mind, that this is not about faith in general; it is about “faith in God.” There are people in the world who have faith in the sense of self-confidence. There are people with faith in men (religious leaders, dead and alive). There are people with faith in various religious systems, human creeds or philosophical methods.  But this is not about generic faith; it is about “faith in God.”

O Father, today I want to ask you for something that does not seem possible. I know this cannot be accomplished without your power and blessing. So I ask this of you in the name of Jesus my Lord … (Please share with the Father your personal faith request.) Amen.

Interesting chart developed by Tim Greenwood:

Have (the2) faith (in1/of 2) GOD
[echo] [pistis] [theos]
Have, hold and keep it!Take possession of it andBe possessed with it!Embrace it!

Accomplish and
Achieve with it!

If you HAD it and lost it,

Recover it,

Go to law for it if necessary!


Conviction and



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  1. Good post, Erwin. Have a good Easter weekend with your family and friends.


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