Cursed is the one…

The blog above gives some good insight and the translation is better than the NIV that I use.

I know that I am a bit brash on titling this with “curse” but I think it captures the magnitude of actions that will not make us prosperous or blessed.

The simple fact is this – if you put your trust in people – whatever shape or form that might look like – and that is reference in terms of the salvation of our soul, then a curse is upon us instead of a blessing.

Let’s face it – how many individuals who had the law of Moses – that is have it, hear it, obey it – not know that it pronounces all of us cursed for not perfectly performing it?

The Jews also, to this day, expect the Messiah to come as a mere man, and so trust in Him as such; and all those that call themselves Christians, and take Christ to be a mere creature, as the Arians, and a mere man, as the Socinians, may be said to trust in man, and entail a curse upon themselves; though we trust in Christ, yet not as a man, but as He is the true and living God.

Under the greatest show of outward religion and righteousness; and as we always do, when we put our trust in such things; every act of unbelief and distrust of the Lord, and every act of trust and confidence in the people, carry the heart off from God; every such act is a departing from the living God.


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