The days when God watched over me…

What is it like to have God watching over you?

We enjoy, maybe I should say, delight in God’s smiles, not in the smiles of this world. With those smiles come confidence in God’s protection of our being, enjoyment of God’s favour in our comings and our goings, His words jumped off the pages of the Bible at each appointed quiet time and we knew that God was all around us each and every day.

As a father, I can say that having God’s presence in my house, though it be a very small home, makes it a castle and a palace. God brings comfort to my family, a very rich and flourishing family.

When walk in the light of God’s gaze, every outward comfort is doubled, every trouble is diminished, and I know that I pass cheerfully by this light through life and through death.

And then comes the day when I feel that this sensible comfort of this state is withdrawn – and I know it is for a season; and when I check myself out, commonly I find myself in sinful neglect, and grieving the Holy Spirit: other times I found it to be a trial of my faith and grace. It is so important to examine ourselves, to seek for the cause of such a change by fervent prayer, and to increase our watchfulness.

In our time of favour, with God watching over us, all sorts of people may pay you a number of manners of respect, hopefully, not just for your position, should you hold such a position, but for personal merit, wisdom, integrity, and good management. These are great opportunities of honouring God and doing good, but have great need to watch against pride.

Let us take the favour of God watching over us and use it for good.  Let’s put a check on those who would put others in harm’s way, let’s make the decision to stand in the gap between those that want to take from those that have nothing to give and let’s protect the innocent.  Let’s do all of this with passion and conviction.  Let’s be role models that resemble what God looks like when He rescues sinners from Satan.

Let’s continue to enjoy God watching over us, continuing to trust in His mercy, seeking always to imitate His truth, justice and love.

Being thus honoured and useful, we can hope to die in peace and honour, in a good old age.

Enjoy this “old school” hymn –


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