Desire to have gifts but there is a better way…

Maybe I am to soft on the word desire – maybe I should use a stronger expression – be zealous to have gifts.  Only when we have gifts to share with others can we be part of a community that can get together and benefit together with what we each have to give.

So be encouraged each day to pray and ask God that you might receive from Him the best, the most useful gifts.

We know that all gifts are are produced by the Holy Spirit; and that He confers them as He pleases. We have no need to be proud or elated on account of extraordinary gifts and on the other hand, no one should be depressed, or sad, or discontented, because they have a more humble rank.

For some of us that means there is a sincere endeavour to repress and subdue the spirit of discontent, jealousy, and ambition; and to produce a willingness to occupy the station where God has placed us.

For we all cannot be apostles; all cannot be prophets.  However, there is a way, more truly valuable, that is open to all of us, and where all of us may excel. It is accessible to all; and which, if possessed, would make all of us contented, and produce the harmonious operation of all the parts of our life.

That gift is love.

“Love is the fairest and best in himself, and the cause of what is fairest and best in all other things” (Plato, “Symposium,” 197).


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