Because they feared God…

I love the story about the midwives who feared God more than the Pharoah of Egypt.

In return, God did bless the midwives, and He prospered the Israelites, for the people multiplied.

Vain is the counsel of a person when opposed to the determinations of God! All the means used for the destruction of this people became in His hand instruments of their prosperity and increase.

How true is the saying, if God be for us, who can be against us?

The midwives were commanded to murder the new-born male babies.  It added much to the barbarity of the intended executions that the midwives were appointed to be the executioners; for it was to oblige them to betray a trust, and to destroy those whom they undertook to save and help. Could Pharoah think that their gender would admit such cruelty, and their employment such base treachery?

The two midwives are named. This event took place about eighty years before their going out of Egypt. The women are called Hebrew midwives, probably not because they were themselves Hebrews (for surely Pharaoh could never expect they should be so barbarous to those of their own nation), but because they were generally made use of by the Hebrews. They feared God, regarded His law, and dreaded His wrath more than Pharaoh’s and therefore saved the male babies.

Point made – if those in authority deliver commands that are in any way contrary to the commands of God, we must obey God and not those in authority. No power on earth can warrant us, much less oblige us, to sin against God.  Where the fear of God rules in the heart, it will preserve it from the temptation which the inordinate fear of man brings.

The women provide a reason for their inability to carry out the orders, which, it seems, God’s gracious promise furnished them with – that they came too late to do it, for generally the children were born before they came. Did they lie, spin, word smith, use half-truths or did God providently step in and made it so?

Point made – God is ready to help His people in distress and often with the blessings of His goodness. Being a follower of God does give itself, sometimes, to outward prosperity, as God revealed to the midwives, by giving them families of their own.


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