What’s this wisdom that has been given?

Have you ever met someone who has the  skill of explaining Scripture and doctrine and is able to teach and when they pray, miracles happen and have never “learned” from a academic institution.

How does one came by such things as these.

Wisdom, which is given, even mighty works which were but the other day employed in servile work, and mechanical operations.

I have heard of these things, but I have never seen it personally.

Have you heard of those who sit by the piano and ask God for the skill to play, and they receive it?  One of the greatest Christian musicians of my time was Andre Crouch and he belonged to a group called, Andre Crouch and the Disciples.  He claims this happened to him at the age of 12 – with no training or experience received beforehand – it was a gift.

I know that nothing is impossible with God.  I know that one of the gifts He gives is the gift of Wisdom.  I don’t believe that is a gift many are asking for these days because one rarely hears such testimonies any more.

Maybe today, as we are trying to do the impossible, we should take a moment and ask God to make it possible and to give us the wisdom to understand and complete the task or teach others how to get the job done.



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