Before I formed you…before you were born…

I am not just talking about God’s omniscience, for He knows everyone before their conception and birth; but a intimate knowledge, a special love and affection that are joined with it; the sense of belonging to God and being predestined to eternal life; all set not only before the formation in the womb, but before the foundation of the world –  the forming of the human foetus is God’s act, and a curious piece of workmanship we are.

With that we are also separated from the world for purposes that are eternal – possibly a position that will be a calling, a purpose set before we were born.

The Lord who formed us, knows for what particular services and purposes He intended us. But unless He sanctify us by His Spirit, we shall not be fit for His service on earth. Though a sense of our own weakness and insufficiency should make us go humbly about our work, it should not make us draw back when God calls us.


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