Continue your love…

Draw it out so that its length keeps getting longer – continuing, prolonging so much so that it would seem perpetual, not interrupted, but enduring and constant – such should be our prayer for God’s favour.

Add to that favour, protection…

This prayer is for those who are pure and holy in their intentions or their purposes. May God show His continued favor to those whom He sees to be true in heart to Himself.

This spring, that should constantly be bubbling, will help you in the midst of our generation.  This grace will justify us and makes us more like God.

Then you would be pretty much dedicated to have but one end in view, and one aim to that end – this is true of every genuine penitent, and of every true believer.

These are the objects of the love of God; not that their knowledge, faith, or love, are the cause of His love to them.  The love of God itself always continues, though the manifestations of it are not always the same.  However, as we continue in His love, we  make a larger and clearer discovery of it, that the height and depth, and length and breadth of it, may be more discerned.

I know these favours are given to those who are sincere, who have new hearts created and right spirits renewed in them, and have truth inside and in the end, God protects His people from insults and plans made from those who come against them because they see the favour of God upon us.


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