These are the ones I look on with favour…

God has this quality about Him that makes Him want to pay attention to or drawing closer to such a man or woman who will…

We could paraphrase God as saying, “somebody who believes Me and somebody who does what I say—that impresses Me.” Do we want to impress God? It may be hard to do. It is certainly not hard to understand.

God wants us to worship Him directly.

There are persons whom His gracious eye will regard. He will look  and the eyes of the Lord will discover  this person in the greatest crowd, His eyes will graciously fix upon this person, this particular person, though there were but one such in the compass of the creation, or though they were banished into the remotest corner of the universe, like a diamond in a heap of rubbish, or at the bottom of the ocean.

Do you hear this? You that, above all others, are most apt to fear you shall be regarded by Him, because you, of all others, are most deeply sensible how unworthy you are of His gracious notice: God, the great, the glorious, the terrible God, looks down upon you with eyes of love, and by so much the more affectionately, by how much the lower you are in your own esteem. Does your heart spring within you at the sound? Are you not lost in pleasing wonder and gratitude, and crying out, “Can it be? can it be? is it indeed possible? is it true?” Yes, you have  His own word for it, and do you not think it too good news to be true, but believe, and rejoice, and give glory to His name.

It is the interest of each of us to know whether we are thus graciously regarded by God on whom our very being and all our happiness entirely depend. And how shall we know this? In no other way than by discovering whether we have the characters of that happy person to whom He condescends to look. These are not pompous and high characters, they are not formed by earthly riches, learning, glory, and power: But “these are the ones I look on with favor:

those who are humble and contrite in spirit,
and who tremble at my word.

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