His eyes are on those who fear Him

Fear, not in the sense of being afraid, not with dread of His anger, or distrust of His grace, or for sinister ends and selfish views, but with a godly fear; by which we hate evil, depart from it, are careful not to offend God by it, but to serve and worship Him, are in awe of Him, honouring and calling Him LORD of our lives – a relationship of extreme importance…

I believe that those who have that kind of a relationship with God find that He watches over them, and He guards them from danger. His eye is, in fact, upon all people; but it is directed with special attention to those who fear Him and trust in Him. Their security is in the fact that the eye of God is upon them; that He knows their wants; that He sees their dangers; that He has ample ability to deliver and save them, to supply with the necessaries of life, and He looks upon them with delight and pleasure; His eye is upon them to watch over them for good, to guard them from every enemy, and from all evil, and to communicate to them every needful measure of grace.

God knows us better than we do. Our hearts are all in His hand; He formed the spirit of each person within them.  We are nothing without Him. If we garner God’s favour towards us, then we need not fear whatever is against us. We are to give to Him the glory of His special grace. All human devices for the salvation of our souls are vain; but the Lord’s watchful eye is over us whose conscientious fear of His name proceeds from a believing hope in His mercy. In difficulties we shall be helped; in dangers we shall not receive any real damage. Those that fear God must hope in God and His mercy; for there is no flying from Him, but by flying to Him.


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