You are not your own; you were bought with a price

If I ever received a reaction from a body of believers in the church – it was when the pastor described us as owing everything to Christ, in fact being slaves of Christ.

The idea is that we were slaves, but have been purchased from the horrible system of slavery. Redemption implies the buying back of something or the paying of a ransom.

What we have received is the most expensive gift that has ever been given to purchase mere slaves. We have been bought with a price—the very life of the Creator.

This is not about being a slave sold to a god and being set free, but being transferred by sale from one owner to another. Formerly, we were slaves of sin, now we are slaves to God.

In that context, we have no right to pervert or misuse our bodies, because they don’t belong to us to do with what we will. We’re not the masters of our bodies anymore. We have been purchased by God at tremendous cost, the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross for us. And that blood has cleansed us from sin. In light of this great purchase price, therefore glorify God out of gratitude for what Jesus did. This means to show God off, to make Him look good.

So we have the privilege of living lives that honor God physically, emotionally, relationally—in every possible way.  He is the only one to whom we owe adoration and ultimate obedience. This is an amazing reality—God can be glorified in the choices we make in expressing ourselves. The Lord is honored when we resist temptation. And He is also glorified when we express ourselves in beautifully appropriate ways. The call is to renounce dishonoring God with our bodies, and to rejoice in and to embrace what we’re called to, in glorifying God with our physical bodies. And God is committed to working in us to make us pure, consistent, integrated, whole people.


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