making us grow…

When we give ourselves to God, He takes us and causes us to take root and spring up; and God  irrigates the tender plant as we break out and makes us grow.

This idea is still taken from the farmer. Some say that most people no longer understand this analogy as it has been generations since we have farmed.  My guess is that those people have never planted a garden either – pity.

It would be in vain for the gardener or farmer to sow seed unless God would give it life. There is no life in the seed, nor is there any inherent power in the earth to make it grow. Only God, the Giver of all life, can quicken the germ in the seed, and make it live.

It would be in vain for the farmer to water the plant unless God would bless it. There is no living principle in the water; no inherent power in the rains of heaven to make the plant grow.

It is adapted, indeed, to this, and the seed would not germinate if it was not planted, nor grow if it was not watered; but the life is still from God. He arranged these means, and He gives life to the tender blade, and sustains it.

And so it is with the word of life. It has no inherent power to produce effect by itself. The power is not in the naked word, nor in the planter, nor in the Waterer, nor in the heart where it is sown, but in God.

But there is a purpose of the means to the end. The word is adapted to save the soul. The seed must be sown or it will not germinate. Truth must be sown in the heart, and the heart must be prepared for it – as the earth must be plowed and made mellow, or it will not spring up. It must be cultivated with assiduous care, or it will produce nothing.

But still it is all of God – as much so as the beauty of a garden or the fullness of a field ready for harvest, after all the toils is of God. And as the planter who has just views, will take no praise to themselves because their seed and their vine grow after all their care, but will ascribe all to God’s unceasing, gift of life; so will the minister, and so will every Christian, after all their care, ascribe all to God.


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