I will see God

If we are sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day that we see God, then it is the same Spirit of God that has so powerfully placed this emphatic truth into my mind.

This is a good confession; declaring the soundness of my faith, and the assurance of my hope. It makes the call that this life is not what I live for, but the one following that makes all the difference.

I have been taught of God to believe in a living Redeemer; to look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come; I am comforted with the expectation of these.

I am assured that my Redeemer of sinners from the yoke of Satan and the condemnation of sin, is my Redeemer, and expect salvation through Him; and that he was a living Redeemer, and that at the last day He would appear as the Judge of the world, to raise the dead, and complete the redemption of His people.

We are all concerned to see that the root of the matter be in us. A living, quickening, commanding principle of grace in the heart, is the root of the matter; as necessary to our faith as the root of the tree, to which it owes both its fixedness and its fruitfulness.

We may differed concerning the methods of Providence, but we all agree in the root of the matter, the belief of another world.


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