If you could only ask for one thing…

Would you ask to be in the presence of God always, to have Him at your side, to reside with Him, to be your best friend?

We are all engaged in other things, and though there were other objects of interest in the world, you feel that your one ask would be to always be with God, employed by Him to do whatever service He wanted.   Would you see it as prep to an eternal existence and that serving God on earth would not be burdensome, nor do you anticipate that you would become weary of praising the one who created you?  For how can someone be prepared for an eternal heaven who finds the worship of God on earth irksome and tedious?

Let me give one good reason why you might.  You  might wish to seek instruction, or to obtain light on the great questions pertaining to God.  The Christian sanctuary – the place of public worship – is the place where, if anywhere on earth, we may hope to have our minds enlightened; our perplexities removed; our hearts comforted and sanctifed, by right views of God.

Would you seek after this one thing; by incessant prayer, until obtained?

“Have I desired” – what we cannot at once attain, it is well to desire. God judges us very much by the desire of our hearts.  God takes the will; this is the right target for desires, this is the well into which to dip our buckets, this is the door to knock at, the bank to draw upon; desire of people, and lie on the dunghill with Lazarus: desire the Lord, and be carried of angels into Abraham’s bosom. Our desires of the Lord should be sanctified, humble, constant, submissive, fervent, and if possible, molten into one mass.

You might have thought that you should ask for repose, safety, and a thousand other good things, but no, your heart needs to be set on the pearl.  The old proverb says, “Wishers and woulders are never good housekeepers,” and “wishing never fills a sack.” Desires are seeds which must be sown in the good soil of activity for they will yield no harvest. We shall find our desires to be like clouds without rain, unless followed up by practical endeavours.

So come to Him in the assembly of the saints not in order to see and be seen, nor to hear the minister – but instead learn more of our loving Father,more of the glorified Jesus, more of the mysterious Spirit., in order that we may the more lovingly admire, and the more reverently adore our glorious God.

When you enter your church on Sunday morning, be prepared to ask for only one thing and treat the service as an “enquirer’s” meetings.  this is not just a time for sinners to know God, we too must enquire as to the will of God and how we may do it.



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