Hold, then grow…

If you are in right standing with God, and find that life has thrown you some wicked curves, I would like to encourage you to hold on your way, because you will become stronger and stronger while “others” would sink in the public esteem, and be compelled to abandon their position.

It is the expression of a confident assurance that you would be more and more confirmed in your integrity, and would become stronger and stronger in God.  In a almost proverbial cast, it shows that it is the settled belief that those in right relationship with God would persevere.

As an expression of the early faith, along the lines of Reformed doctrine, “the perseverance of the saints,”  is invaluable. It shows that that doctrine has traveled down from the earliest ages. It was one of the elementary doctrines of religion in the earliest times. It became a proverb; and was admitted among the undisputed maxims.

Look at the circumstances of Job –  a much tried and persecuted man. He was in all the danger of apostasy to which the pious are usually exposed; he was tempted to forsake his confidence in God; he was afflicted for reasons which he could not comprehend; he was without an earthly friend to sustain him, and he seemed to be forsaken by God himself; yet he had the fullest conviction that he would be enabled to persevere. The great principle was settled, that if there was true relationship with God in the heart, it would abide; that if the path of right standing with Him had been entered, they who walked it would keep on their way, that would include the innocent; the friend of God; the person of pure heart.

Those who strengthen their attachment to God will grow stronger and stronger.  This is so true. The person shall become more and more established in godliness; more confirmed in their principles; more convinced of the value and the truth of having a relationship with God. Putting on the character of God, like everything else, becomes stronger by exercise. The person who speaks truth only, becomes more and more attached to truth; the principle of generosity is strengthened by being practiced; honesty, the more it is exhibited, becomes more the settled rule of the life; and those who pray, delights more and more in their appoaches to God.

The tendency of a relationship with God in the heart is to grow stronger and stronger; and as a special message for my friends that enjoy a Reformed theology, God intends that those who has once loved Him, shall continue to love Him forever.




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