I am generous

One of the characters of God.

As we do not lie because God is not a liar, we are generous because God is generous.

Bountifully and generously, cheerfully and freely with a cause to bless, encourage, build and strengthen.

Can we be envious at the good of others, coveting and greedy to monopolize things to ourselves because we think we are liberally kind and generous?

We are more apt to complain of God, and charge His procedures in providence and grace, with inequality and injustice; whereas He does, as He may, all things according to His sovereign will, and never contrary to justice, truth, and goodness; though He is not to be brought to our standard, and we best should submit to His sovereignty.

There is great proneness in us to think that we have too little, and others too much of the tokens of God’s favour; and that we do too much, and others too little in the work of God. But if God gives grace to others, it is kindness to them, and no injustice to us. Those that have rejected Christ agree with God for their penny in this world; and choose their portion in this life. Followers of Christ agree with God for their penny in the other world, and must remember they have so agreed. If you have agreed to take heaven as your portion, all of your portion, will you then seek for happiness in this world?

God punishes none more than they deserve, and recompenses every service done for Him; He therefore does no wrong to any, by showing extraordinary grace to some. See here the nature of envy. It is an evil eye, which is displeased at the good of others, and desires their hurt. It is a grief to ourselves, displeasing to God, and hurtful to our neighbours: it is a sin that has neither pleasure, profit, nor honour. Let us let go every proud claim, and seek for salvation as a free gift. Let us never envy or grudge, but rejoice and praise God for His mercy to others as well as to ourselves.


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