the word of our God endures forever

God promises to be our protector and our deliverer always by making sure we understand that His promises will be firm and unchanging.

With all the changes we see in our lives, our communities and our world – one things is for certain is that there will be change, there will be revolutions, but God’s promises are firm.

So in the midst of changes of dynasties, revolutions of empires, upheaval in our world today, we can see how God’s Word lasts forever and ever.

This promise is especially designed to support people experiencing pain and suffering and for those of us who have experienced such, in the midst of it all, we know God’s Word was not only a consolation, but absolutely sustained us.

We see the grass wither at the return of autumn, or in a drought: we see the flowers lose their beauty, and eventually decay; we see many rejoicing in their vigor and health, cut down in an instant; we see cities fall, and kingdoms lose their power and vanish from among nations, but God changes not. He presides in all these revolutions, and sits calm and unmoved amidst all these changes. Not one of His promises shall fail; and at the end of all the changes which human things shall undergo, Yahweh, the God of His people, will be the same.

The apostle Peter adds these words:

This is the word, which by the Gospel is preached unto you; who seems to distinguish the word from the Gospel, by which it is preached, and to intend Christ the essential Word; who stands or abides for ever as a divine Person; in his office as Mediator, being Prophet, Priest, and King for ever; in the efficacy of his blood, righteousness, and sacrifice; and in the fulness of his grace: it is true of the written word or Gospel, which remains, is everlasting, and will stand and continue, notwithstanding the persecutions of tyrants, the craft of false teachers, the reproach of ungodly men, and the death of the best of men, even of ministers; though all flesh is grass, fading and withering, the word of God is fresh and lively, firm and durable; and so it is as transcribed into the hearts of men, where it becomes the ingrafted word, and issues in everlasting life. It may be applied to God’s word of promise, which is for ever settled in heaven, and is always fulfilled.


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