Are you walking on the Way?

There is a way called the way of holiness.  It is a way of both holy worship and a holy conversation. Holiness is the setting apart of the human nature and will, in conformity to the divine nature and will of God.

The way of holiness is that course of religious duties in which individuals should walk and press forward, with an eye to glorify God and to find enjoyment in Him.

This way shall be an appointed way; not an incumbered way, but a highway, a way into which we are directed by a divine authority and in which we are protected by a divine warrant.

The way of holiness is the way of God’s commandments. It is the way in which God will bring His own to Himself, but those that reject Him will not pass over it, either to defile it or to disturb those that walk in it. It is a way by itself, distinguished from the way of the world, for it is a way of separation from, and nonconformity to, this world. It shall be for those whom the Lord has set apart for Himself, shall be reserved for them. Those who have been bought with a price – called the redeemed – shall walk there, and the satisfaction they take in these ways of pleasantness shall be out of the reach of molestation from an evil world.

It shall be a straight way and we shall have such plain directions from the Word and Spirit of God in this way that we will not make any mistakes as to our responsibilities; not that we shall be infallible in our own conduct, but we shall not be guilty of any fatal misconduct, and shall not miss our way but that we shall recover it again, and reach our journey’s end.  The Spirit of truth shall lead us into all truth. Note, the way to heaven is a plain way. God has chosen the foolish things of the world, and made them wise to salvation.

It shall be a safe way, none to hurt or destroy. Those that keep close to this way keep out of the reach of Satan who is like a roaring lion. Those that walk in the way of holiness may proceed with a holy security and serenity of mind, knowing that nothing can do them any real hurt; they shall be kept at peace and fear no evil.



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