I want to speak and argue my case with God

Do you ever feel that God would appreciate the arguments which you would bring forward to His attention and that you would do justice to them?  Do  you ever feel that your friends are more censorious and possibly severe. They probably do not give justice to your feelings, nor to your motives. They also mess up your words and arguments; and instead of consoling you, they only aggravated your pain, and caused you to sink into deeper sorrow.

But if we could carry our cause to God, He would do ample justice to us and our cause.

Since I know as much as my friends, and they know no more than I, then why have them be my judge. I might as well  appeal to God, and plead my own cause before Him so that I can be candidly heard.  Why? I know that God is the Judge of all the earth, and would do right; and that He sits on a throne judging right, and would maintain His right and His cause; that He would judge according to His righteousness and integrity, and would pass a just decisive sentence in my favour, and show my friends up.

Through prayer, a speech either of the heart or of the tongue, or of both, to God; and which He delights in, and therefore it may be used with boldness and freedom.  All gracious souls can consider God being almighty and all sufficient and that is why it is my arguement, motive and possibly my inducement to you that speaking and praying to God, since He is able to do all things for me because I want and desire Him. On behalf of His sovereignty, justice, holiness, wisdom, and strength, as He had done, and would do yet more; I am as zealous as any of my friends to plead for God, and defend Him, and promote His honour and glory to the uttermost; but I desire to reason with God too. Let me set the stage correctly – I would do so as any poor sensible sinner may reason with God – at the throne of grace, and plead for pardoning mercy and justifying grace through the blood and righteousness of Christ, and from the declarations, proclamations, and promises of grace through Him; but that I might participate before Him by stating my case, pleading and reasoning on His presence and I sense that He would enjoy that, that it would give Him pleasure to engage with me.


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