You can be like Jesus – tips on following Him…

The four step plan in being a follower of Christ – willing…deny…take…follow.

First. To have a sincere desire to belong to Christ – rich or poor, learned or unlearned, young or old, male or female, that have any inclination and desire, or have took up a resolution in the strength of grace, to be a disciple of Christ. None are forced, but it must be on the following terms mentioned below. Be one that does follow Jesus in duty, and shall follow Him to glory. We will be one that walks in the same way Christ walked in, are led by His Spirit, and we tread in His steps.

Secondly. To renounce self-dependence, and selfish pursuits  – that is, let us surrender to God our will, our affections, our body, and our soul. Let us not seek our own happiness as the supreme object, but be willing to renounce all, and lay down our life also, if required.  At times, we will need to deny righteous self, and renounce all our works of righteousness and banish all our notions and expectations of an earthly kingdom and worldly grandeur.  Let us be prepared to say no to many of the strongest cravings of our nature, in the direction more particularly of earthly ease, comfort, dignity, and glory. A rule that can never be too much observed: let us in all things deny our own will, however pleasing, and do the will of God, however painful.

Thirdly. To embrace the condition which God has appointed, and bear the troubles and difficulties we may meet with in walking the Christian road – cheerfully receive, and patiently bear it however shameful and painful it may be.  Quietly submit, with an entire resignation to the will of God, in imitation of Jesus – not once, but all the time. Should we not consider all crosses, as what they really are, as opportunities of embracing God’s will at the expense of our own?  Crosses are so frequent, that whoever makes advantage of them, will soon be a great gainer. Great crosses are occasions of great improvement: and the little ones, which come daily, and even hourly, make up in number what they miss in weight.  Let us remember then that God is the author of all events: that none is so small or inconsiderable, as to escape His notice and direction. Every event therefore declares to us the will of God, to which declared we should heartily submit. We should renounce our own to embrace it; we should approve and choose what His choice warrants as best for us. Herein should we exercise ourselves continually; this should be our practice all the day long. We should in humility accept the little crosses that are dispensed to us, as those that best suit our weakness. Let us bear these little things, at least for God’s sake, and prefer His will to our own in matters of so small importance.

Fourthly. To imitate Jesus in the exercise of grace, as humility, zeal, patience, and self-denial; and in the discharge of every duty, moral, or evangelical to His kingdom and glory – to take Him for our master, our teacher, our example; to believe His doctrines, to uphold His cause, to obey His precepts


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