Repentance, rest, quietness, trust = salvation, strength


A conversion to God, a turning from our self-chosen way to God.  To return to God on His terms; in His way.  We may say, I am a Christian” but Jesus not only wants our words, He wants our heart. He not only expects us to come to Him one or two days a week or a couple of times a year – He wants – US!


Calmly engaging on God for assistance, not relying with the self-confident work of our own


In sitting still, and quieting your minds, in a collected, quiet state of mind -“waiting for Him”


A simple trust in God that leaves things to Him and, renouncing all self-help, leaves Him to act alone – the trust is placed upon God and His promises.  It is trusting in someone else who will help us to victory rather than just having a warm hope that everything will turn out all right


We shall be safe, but there are conditions


Our enemies shall not be able to overcome and subdue us, what we would be able to, compared to how it would show itself, arise or  come to the light.  The key in relation to God is not merely physical – it’s faith.


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