Like . . . water under a bridge

So it is with trouble and afflictions. They are soon gone. The most intense pain soon subsides. The days of sorrow pass quickly away. It is like we have an outer limit of suffering.

Maybe they are seen and remembered no more like the floods in the winter season, which when over, you know  summer has come.

A comfortable reflection – I am told –  as the mother forgets her birth pains, for joy that the child is born, remembers the pain as waters that pass away.  The wounds of our present pain shall be perfectly healed, not only without a remaining scar, but without a remaining pain.

By faith and prayer bring our griefs and cares to God, and leave them with Him, and then He shall forget them.   If we remember our sins, we shall, in comparison with them, forget our misery, much more if we obtain the comfort of a sealed pardon and a settled peace. For those of us whose sin is forgiven shall not say, I am sick, but shall forget our sickness.

We have seen a lot of floods, mountain floods, like in Brazil, which sweep every thing before them, but are speedily absorbed by the sand, so shall we remember our sufferings: they were wasting and ruinous for the time, but were soon over and gone.

If a picture expresses a thousand words check this site out that an artist put together to describe these very thoughts –


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