Rest with a yoke


Just in case you were thinking egg yoke, I thought I would insert this picture. It shows what a yoke really looks like and this is put over the heads of two horses/oxen/cows etc. who are then called upon to pull something forward.

Rev. Bill Griffen came to speak at one of Tyndale University College & Seminary’s Commencements.  He spoke on taking on the yoke with Christ.  He talked about not going it alone and that what Christ had to offer us was quite amazing.

Rev. Griffin went on to say that as a carpenter, Jesus would have made yokes. Jesus was not suggesting it was easy to be Him, but a tailor-made and well-fitting yoke makes for a life more bearable. Rev. Griffin noted that not only does Christ make the yoke, but he also custom-makes people, fitting us into the role and purpose He has designed for us.

Rev. Griffin gave an example of how one ox may be able to move two tons, but two oxen can move many more tons than their individual abilities would suggest. In some cases, two oxen can move 18 tons. It is an example for us that we should not try to bear the burdens of life on our own.

“Jesus guarantees success by participating in the yoke and being a partner in the yoke,” he said. “He is the one who has promised never to leave us or forsake us. When we partner with Jesus, we have a satisfactory burden, a responsibility that’s doable, and that can bring peace. From now on, from this commencement day, suit up with Christ.

It was a sermon I do not think I will ever forget, I mention it often, encourage with it often, and remind myself of its value in my leadership role with SAT-7 Canada.


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