We trusted in Him…

Trust is a word that means one thing and can quickly mean another.  It is like the word freedom.  Right now everyone is screaming they want freedom – but what does freedom look like?

Really what they are saying is that they no longer trust and want to be free from the influence.  But who will be the new person to take their place – it might mean more bondage, less freedom – how will you ever trust again?

Some say that trust has to be earned.  There are a number of team building exercises that teach trust – cave exploring, mountain climbing etc. But I have a problem with that, as I do with anything someone says I have to earn.

I believe that you make the decision to trust.  At times your trust will not be rewarded, at other times it will.  After a while, there will be a whole lot more trusting going on – not because you earned it, but because you were consistent in giving or offering it.

I think our relationship with God is the same thing.  I believe if we trust Him, we will succeed.  I think Billy Graham explained it best in his latest autobiography.  Charles Templeton had just graduated from Princeton U and declared himself an atheist.  His best friend Billy Graham was involved in an evangelistic campaign in Los Angelos and it wasn’t doing so well.  Charles told him what he had studies and came to believe.  Billy left the crusade, and went into the mountains to pray.  At the end, he laid his Bible on a stump of a tree and made this declaration – God I do not know whether Charles is right or not, but this is what I am going to do…I am going to trust in You, in everything You say in this book and take it all for face value.  The day that you lie to me or the day I find no truth in what You say…we are finished.  Well to say the least, that day never came.  For Billy, it was a turn in his relationship with God.  Back at the crusade, Billy was anointed, people responded to the alter calls and souls were saved for eternity.

Make the decision to trust each and every day.  Make it a heartbeat if you have to and offer whisper prayers – “I will trust You, I will trust You” and experience the joy and freedom that comes with doing just that!

On a lighter note, a hard rock group from my generation called Stryper came out with a song on trusting God.  You might not get anything useful from it, but I always enjoyed the guitar rifts.


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