You gave me life, showed me kindness, watched over my spirit

God’s constant care; His watchful providence; His superintendence if you will. It as if God mustered of an army, and I was in it and received amazing, vigilant, provident care and custody.  The idea is, that God  watches over me and preserves me, and that to God’s constant vigilance I owe the preservation of my life.

The Lord has brought me into this world as a baby; given me an actual existence among people; by His favor or mercy He has provided me with the means of life.

The soul is the life, the soul is the person, and this is the gift of God: You have granted me life, breathed into me the breath of life, without which the body would be but a worthless carcase. God is the Father: He made us living souls, and endued us with the power of reason; He gave us life and favour, and life is a favour-a great favour, more than meat, more than raiment-a distinguishing favour, a favour that puts us into a capacity of receiving other favours.

So God has made me, now I need to ask Him to make me new; so I give myself to You, save me.


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