Abundance of Good Things Stored Up

It is as if goodness and mercy had been, as it were, “treasured up” for an emergency – as a person treasures up food in autumn for the wants of winter, or wealth for the wants of old age. The goodness of God is a treasure garnered up for the needs of His people – a treasure always accessible; a treasure that can never be exhausted.

God had not only laid it up in secret, making provision for the wants of His people, but He had worked out this deliverance before people, or had shown His goodness to them openly. The acts of benevolence or goodness in the case were – “first,” that he had “treasured up” the resources of His goodness by previous arrangement, or by anticipation, for them; and “second,” that he had “brought out” deliverance, or had “manifested” His goodness by interposing to save, and by doing it openly that it might be seen by everyone.

Holy amazement uses interjections where adjectives utterly fail. Notes of exclamation suit us when words of explanation are of no avail. If we cannot measure we can marvel; and though we may not calculate with accuracy, we can adore with fervency.  We have two parts, that which is in store and that which is brought out. The Lord has laid up in reserve for His people supplies beyond all count. In the treasury of the covenant, in the field of redemption, in the caskets of the promises, in the granaries of providence, the Lord has provided for all the needs which can possibly occur to His chosen. We ought often to consider the laid-up goodness of God which has not yet been distributed to the chosen, but is already provided for them; if we are much in such contemplations, we shall be led to feel devout gratitude.  Heavenly mercy is not all hidden in the storehouse; in a thousand ways it has already revealed itself on behalf of those who are bold to avow their confidence in God; before friends, family and associates, this goodness of the Lord has been displayed, that a faithless generation might stand rebuked. Overwhelming are the proofs of the Lord’s favour to believers, history teems with amazing instances, and our own lives are full of prodigies of grace. We serve a good God. Faith receives a large reward even now, but looks for her full inheritance in the future. Who would not desire to take their lot with the servants of God whose boundless love fills all holy minds with astonishment?

Just in case you are still thinking of worldly treasures that could by yours, see what Thomas A Kempis had to say in the Tenth Chapter of Imitation of Christ http://christianbookshelf.org/kempis/imitation_of_christ/chapter_x_that_it_is.htm





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