Be strong and take heart

Had a great visit with a great friend.  Like many of my friends working in ministry or in the church, it is so easy to take things on and start believing they are your problems, your issues, your ministry, your people, your responsibility – all yours.  And in giving to satisfy all those things that belong to you, you run out of everything – love, patience, kindness, grace, goodness, love, joy, peace, self-control, love…you get the point.

Well, if we are going to be successful we are going to have to understand one thing – we have to wait.

Don’t belive me…look at Saul.  He never waited and his life ended in absolute ruin.  He always thought the battle was his, he failed to see that the battle has always belonged to God.

David, the supreme strategist of all time absolutely, emphatically declared that if we are going to be prospers at all, no matter how great God is and He is great, we have to wait for God to do His thing – that takes strength and heart – but you better wait – then enjoy what God has planned for you!

Now, what does it mean to “wait.”  A.B. Simpson in his book – Days of Heaven Upon Earth, said it is what the old monk calls the “practice of the presence of God.” It is the habit of prayer. It is the continued communion that not only asks, but receives. People often ask us to pray for them and we have to say, “Why, God has answered our prayer for you, and you must now take the answer. It is awaiting you, and you must take it by waiting on the Lord.” This it is that renews the strength, until we mount up with wings as eagles, run and are not weary, walk and are not faint. Our hearts are too vast to take in His fulness at a single breath. We must live in the atmosphere of His presence till we absorb His very life. This is the secret of spiritual depth and rest, of power and fulness, of love and prayer, of hope and holy usefulness. “Wait, I say, on the Lord.”

I am waiting in communion at the blessed mercy seat, I am waiting, sweetly waiting, on the Lord;
I am drinking, of His fulness; I am sitting at His feet; I am hearkening to the whispers of His word.


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