They will spend their days in prosperity

One knows that “being rich” is part of what it means to be prosperous.  What gets me is that we spend more time on the definition of prosperity than the defining elements that enable us to be prosperous.

What happens then is a hodge podge of ideaology that smacks of individualism and relativism minus what counts as ethical – either morally or spiritually.

So, what does it take to be prosperous?

1.  Take yourself out of the equation.  If you trust yourself more than anyone else, and that includes God, then you are setting yourself up.

2.  Hope in God rather than on schemes and formulas is the outcome of the above = a good night sleep every night.

3.  Learn every day.  I remember reading a book called “The One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard.  Being 21 at the time, with no prospect of obtaining a college education, he said a valuable thing – if you read everyday for 15 minutes each day on one particular subject, you will have obtained by the end of the year an equivalent University education.  I have enjoyed doing this everyday since and I have a story to tell to anyone interested in hearing because I am now almost 50 years old.

4.  If it doesn’t make sense, yet you feel that it is right, and the right thing to do, do it.  I remember being laughed at often for decision I would make based on my “gut” – end of the day, I was right most of the time.

5. Be in awe of who God is.  Remember He is sovereign, holy, omniscience and immutable.  Job did, and at the end of the day, after all the judgements against him and calls to curse God, he stayed true and God made him the wealthiest man alive.

6.  It one thing to obtain prosperity, how do you keep it?  In keeping it, how do you not let it consume you?  If you are doing the above, then you know that your prosperity wasn’t obtained by you, therefore it is not your job to worry about keeping it.  If God gave it, He’ll keep it for you.

7.  You will not only obtain knowledge, you will have wisdom – as if God is whispering in your ear the words to say, the actions to do, the places to go and the deals to make – only because your eyes are on Him.  My first job was as a purchasing agent in a large insurance company.  We all had to take sales training in order to understand and support the sales team.  The sales course first order of business was to teach new recruits to pray during the first half hour of every day.  Funny thing – those that did – whether a follower of Christ or not – were always successful and others decided to pray even longer than just a half hour – to many people involved here to be a coincidence.

8. You will be hated, despised, lonely – your friend that will never leave you, that will trip traps set up for you, that will put a hedge of protection around you, will be your silent partner – God.  His grace will motivate you to be more like Him.

9.  Your intigrity and right standing is nothing unless you place it in a safe place for keeping.  Don’t be fooled. No such thing as a good name – it can be taken in seconds.

Enjoy your relationship with God and all that He gives you will be yours!


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