For He has done it…

I do not know why I remember this so well, but when Abraham went and rescued his neighbours from their enemies, the king wanted to give Abraham a reward.  Abraham declined and said that he didn’t want it to be said that he was rich by the hand of this king, but rather by the hand of God.

Then Paul reminds us to that we have received our inheritance, our life with Christ, not because we have earned it but because it was a gift from God.

The scene is the cross, the Redeemer suffering for our sins. The course of thoughts which then passed through the mind of the Redeemer; His sorrow at the idea of being abandoned by God; His confidence in God; the remembrance of His early hopes; His emotions at the taunts and curses of His enemies; His feelings as the soldiers pierced His hands and His feet, and as they proceeded to divide His apparel; His prayer that His enemies might not be hindered from accomplishing their intentions, or to defeat the work of redemption; His purpose to make God known to us; His assurance that the effect of His sufferings would be to bring us to a place where we are able to serve God, and to make His name and His faithfulness known to far distant times including our time today.

All our praises must refer to the work of redemption. The suffering of the Redeemer was graciously accepted as a full satisfaction for sin. It was offered for sinful people. This ought to be the matter of our thanksgiving. With all humilty and grace we should have full satisfaction and happiness in Him. Those that hunger and thirst after a right standing with God through Christ, will not labour for something that does not satisfy. Those that pray often, will be in thanksgiving often. Those that turn to God, will make a point of worshipping before Him. Let every tongue confess that He is Lord. High and low, rich and poor, bond and free, meet in Christ. Seeing we cannot keep alive our own souls, it is our wisdom, by obedient faith, to commit our souls to Christ, who is able to save and keep them alive for ever. A seed shall serve Him. God will have a church in the world to the end of time.  His righteousness, and not any of their own, they shall declare to be the foundation of all their hopes, and the fountain of all their joys. Redemption by Christ is the Lord’s own doing. Here we see the unconditional love and compassion of God the Father, and of our Lord Jesus Christ, for us wretched sinners, as the source of all grace and consolation; the example we are to follow, the treatment as Christians we are to expect, and the conduct under it we are to adopt. Every lesson may here be learned that can profit the humble. Let those who go about to establish their own righteousness ask this question, why the Son of God should have suffered at all if their own doings could atone for sin? Let the ungodly professor consider whether the Saviour honoured the Divine law, to purchase Him the privilege of despising it. Let the careless take warning and the weak rest their hopes upon this merciful Redeemer. Let the tempted and distressed believer cheerfully expect a happy end of every trial.


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