You have granted us our heart’s desire . . .

Happy are the people who make God’s strength their confidence, and God’s salvation their  joy; who is pleased with all the advancements of God’s kingdom, and trusts God to support them in all they do for the service of it.

All our blessings are blessings of goodness, and are owing, not to any merit of ours, but only to God’s goodness. But when God’s blessings come sooner, and prove richer than we imagine; when they are given before we prayed for them, before we were ready for them, then it may be truly said that he prevented, or went before us, with them.

Nothing indeed prevented, or went before Christ, but to us never was any favour more preventing than our redemption by Christ. God has made Jesus to be a universal, everlasting blessing to the world, in whom the families of the earth are, and shall be blessed.

Christ – none other is blessed for ever, much less a blessing for ever.


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