Strength, rock, fortress, deliverer, God, refuge shield, stronghold = sovereign

I owe my safety entirely to God.

My God – who has been to me a God; that is, in whom I have found all that is implied in the idea of “God” – a Protector, Helper, Friend, Father, Saviour. The notion or idea of a “God” is different from all other ideas, and all that is implied in that idea – the living God.

I have found Him to be such a refuge that I could trust Him, and in view of the past I will confide in Him always.

I stand on Him as my foundation, and derive every good thing from Him who is the source of everything good.

He causes me to escape – I mean when I am in the most difficult of difficult situations, almost surrounded and taken, the Lord made a way for escape – made a way out as those who intended me harm got in; so that, while they got in at one side of my strong hold, I got out and at times felt like I escaped with my life. These escapes were so narrow and so unlikely that I plainly saw the hand of the God was in them.

God, not only the object of my adoration, but He puts strength in my soul.

He is not only my source, He is my fountain.

I can discern the lay of the land and always be able to discover danger before it approaches me.

I have recourse for shelter and safety, for supply, support, and divine refreshment; and I am secure – I build my hope of eternal life and happiness.

I am delivered out of all afflictions, and from all temptations, and out of the hands of all who would do me harm; from a body of sin and death, and from the wrath to come.




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