My mom had a friend that would visit us from time to time – I only vividly remember one such visit – it probably had something to do with this woman’s adamant view of herself as never having done anything wrong – knowingly, at least.

If we took the premise that our objectivity is at best subjective and allow for one small moment in time where we listen to those around us as to what they see verses how we feel about ourselves, I think we would be surprised just how much we are not the angel we thought we were.

The thought of being ‘filthy’ is not meant to be negative, but more like the idea of taking in the true value of who we are so that we can address it.  The idea of universal depravity – that we are all alike – and if we are ‘filthy’, I am sure we are also, ‘stinking’.  In Arabic the word means to become “sharp,” or “sour” as milk; and hence, the idea of becoming corrupt in a moral sense.   It relates here to character, and means that their character was morally corrupt or defiled.

Somewhere along in our life, we must understand that we will not walk in the straight path.  We find ourselves from time to time on the crooked path, departed from truth, and the God of truth.

Let us be burdened by this corruption of our nature, and see what need we have of the grace of God: let us not be surprised that we are told we must be born again. And we must not rest in any thing short of union with Christ, and a new creation to holiness by His Spirit.  Let us convince ourselves and other sinners of the evil and danger of their way, while they think themselves very wise, and good, and safe. Our corruption includes not caring for God’s people, for God’s poor, for God himself. People run into all manner of corruption because they do not call upon God for His grace. What good can be expected from those that live without prayer?   All our knowledge of the depravity of human nature should endear to us to salvation.   The world is bad; oh that the Messiah would come and change its character! There is universal corruption, but the second coming of Christ will finally to do away the dominion of sin, will be the completing of this salvation, which is the hope, and will be the joy of every follower of Christ. With this assurance we should comfort ourselves and one another, under the corruption of sinners and sufferings of saints.


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