The Cry of the Oppressed

There is a negative side to prosperous people who do not know God.

They look prosperous, there are signs of prosperity, however the fruit of that prosperity is death, not life. Therefore, it is safe to note that prosperity gained without God is not prosperity, but oppression and with that comes pride and tyranny; the one the root and cause of the other.

Pride meets covetousness, and compliments it as wise, thrifty, and prudent. We say it with sorrow, there are many professors of religion who esteem a rich person, and flatter them, even though they know that they have fattened themself upon the flesh and blood of the poor. The only sinners who are received as respectable are covetous people. If a person is a sex addict, or a drunk, we put him out of the church; but who ever read of church discipline against —the person who wants everything, no matter the cost?

See the effect of pride; it kept individuals from seeking God. It is hard to pray with a stiff neck and an unbending knee. These people had no thoughts for God. Amid heaps of chaff there was not a grain of wheat. The only place where God is not, is in the thoughts of those who do not follow God. This is a damning accusation; for where the God of heaven is not, the Lord of hell is reigning and raging; and if God is not in our thoughts, our thoughts will bring us to place of separation from God.

Individuals go on a rough road when they go to hell.  They look high, but not high enough. As God is forgotten, so are His judgments. He is not able to comprehend the things of God.

But let us remember that this person’s house is built upon the sand, upon a foundation no more substantial than the rolling waves of the sea. He that is too secure is never safe. Boastings are not buttresses, and self-confidence is a sorry bulwark. This is the ruin of fools, that when they succeed they become too big, and swell with self-conceit, as if their summer would last for ever, and their flowers bloom on eternally. Be humble, for you are mortal, and your lot is not sure, but changeable.

Remember, every proud thought is twin brother to a cruel thought. The person who exalts himself will despise others, and one step further will make him a tyrant.

Here is a picture that describes the snare of a prosperous person who does not care for God from Quarles who provides a pretty good picture:

“The close pursuers’ busy hands do plant
Snares in thy substance; snares attend thy wants;
Snares in thy credit; snares in thy disgrace;
Snares in thy high estate; snares in thy base;
Snares tuck thy bed; and snares surround thy board;
Snares watch thy thoughts; and snares attack thy word;

Snares in thy quiet; snares in thy commotion;
Snares in thy diet; snares in thy devotion;
Snares lurk in thy resolves; snares in thy doubt;
Snares lie within thy heart; and snares without;
Snares are above thy head, and snares beneath;
Snares in thy sickness; snares are in thy death.

Let’s confirm our thoughts here with all of this presentation – that nowhere in the Bible is WORLDLY success tied to God’s favor, though we often tie the two together.


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