In these times – who do you trust – in our desire to prosper – who will really share with us and help us succeed where we have failed?

I believe it is all in a name.  Those that are acquainted with someone, someone who has manifested goodness and someone who you believe holds the truth and you respect their character.

Who has this someone that holds this kind of description that I can put my trust in?  Trying not to sound religious, I think that God, or at least those who understand His real character, is someone we can confide in.  He has a character which is worthy of confidence – if you look at those who know Him best, they most unreservedly rely on Him. Most dramatically found in those who have an experimental acquaintance with God’s mercy.

It would seem that the more intimate our knowledge of God, the more trust we put in Him; the more we learn of his real character, the more we see that he is worthy of universal love. It is much to say of anyone that the more they are known the more they will be loved.  If we say this is true of God then the only reason why we do not put our trust in Him is that we do not understand His real character.

For those who know God, their testimony would be that God has never forsaken anyone who sought Him – He has never left anyone when they have come to Him with a confiding heart.  We forsake Him; He does not forsake us.

And if we specifically bring Christ into the picture, we add other character traits such as forgiving sin, who now endears Himself as the refuge of saints and sinners – a Saviour.

To seek Christ above all things else, and with our whole hearts, and diligently; and seek to Christ alone for life and salvation, and continue seeking Jesus, by prayer, for whatever we stand in need of; these God does not forsake.

So we see in history that those who follow after God, putting their hopes in Jesus, by faith, run to Him as their refuge, and depend on His power and promise for their safety, so that no real hurt shall be done to them. Those who know Him to be a God of truth and faithfulness, will be happy with this word of promise, and be content upon that. Those who know Him to be an everlasting Father, will trust Him with their souls as their main care, and trust in Him at all times, even to the end.

Who is there that would not trust Him, who has never stopped accepting those that seek Him?


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