Consider my sighing…

A sigh is one of the most passionate expressions of communication – it is a cry.  When words are unable to possibly explain how we feel, how we do not know how to proceed, how lost we seem – we sigh.  Even when we are at a loss, our soul within us gives one last impressive prayer.

A sigh prayer goes something like this:

Listen to how I feel, see my plight – You are my only Hope, because you are my God, You are my LORD! I need You to intervene here. I trust You; cannot do this on my own. I am surrendered and at the same time open.  I may be weak, but You are strong. I bring this sigh that contains all of my requests and situations to You!    Thank you for allowing  to come to you with my sigh, for hearing me and for having compassion on me.

I really like the sigh prayer.  I don’t have to think about anything and let my soul do all the talking, feeling, expressing and sharing.  With each sigh a doubt leaves, a worry floats away, a pain is no longer that important and a problem is no longer a mountain.  It is not like breaking through the clouds and seeing the bright sun still shining on the other side.  It more like knowing that God is right there with me, extending His hand to me, and as I put my small hand into His amazing hand, I am at rest, I am home.  I sigh, because I have time to be with my God, my Saviour, my friend and He will protect me, guide me, lead me and I am no longer alone, afraid or fearful.  Stay a bit longer around me and I might be whistling a tune or two that declare the mercy and grace of God that He gives new every morning.

Let me prosper in the very prescene of God – and at times, that may begin with a sigh..


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