What does a good night sleep have to do with it?


I remember going to my dentist one day for my annual or maybe bi-annual cleaning etc.  As she was working on a particular problem, with all the gadgets in my mouth, she decides to ask me a question.

She commented that I had an overbite – quite an obvious one.  Okay, I thought, she wants to work on that.  She continued to describe how all her patients, with overbites, have a common problem – they grind their teeth – whether at night, during the day or both – and the teeth have the marks to prove the experience.

She was amazed that there was not a single grind mark on my teeth and asked me why.  I remember pointing to my chest and trying to say “peace.” She got it.

Another illustration comes when I was a teenager and I always looked forward to sleeping.  I would ask God to solve a particular problem I was going through while I slept.  I can tell you that God enabled me to dream in such a way that each time I would wake in the morning with the problem completely solved and coming into school/work with the solution.  I am privileged to say that God continues to bless me in this fashion.

Sleep is a time where we absolutely find ourselves sustained by God.  We wake refreshed, renewed, energized and enthusiastic (filled with God).  Want to prosper – gets some sense of security – God is going to sustain you – and get some good night sleep.


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