Do you take refuge in Jesus?

By the way, refuge is not only meant to signify protection, but a level of trust in that protection – a place to be safe – a safe house.  Well, if you do, that is trust Jesus, you are promised happiness,  joy and blessings.

Jason Upton provided some lyrics to the thoughts of the heart wanting to know God and you find the words under the photo.  The words he uses are intense, passionate, real, alarming – as in the sense of urgency, the time is now.  Definitely experiential.  Maybe at this point of the relationship, experience trumps facts – know this, the facts will come because experience can last just for the night.  That’s okay, today/tonight we will take the experience of resting in the arms of Jesus and tomorrow ask Him to reveal Himself to us in His Word so that we can know Him more – answer the cry of my heart to know you more, God!

I believe right now the spirit of god is just rising up in you,
Just let it rise up in you
There’s nothing done that is not done
Without the hand of god

Take your time….take the time
Let the spirit of god rise up in you

Stay with this jesus (3x)

Ladies and gentlemen
People of the darkness,
You’ve been running for
A very long time (tonight)
Hear the call from a city the city on the hilltop
The wave is coming can you feel the riptide

We can’t run from the mighty hand of god,
Either kiss his son or receive his rod

(it’s one truth that always remains….)
And is this…god longs for intimacy
God longs for intimacy,
So kiss his son (4x)
God longs for intimacy,god never wants to give his wrath(2x)
Let me tell ya something, he wants to love you
He wants to hold you
But god, will never compromise his kingdom for our kingdom
So it doesn’t matter if you are full of sin in the world
Or if you call yourself a christian and your building you a kingdom
Instead of being intimate with jesus…
Kiss his son

Some say, i’m man of the evening, others
Say i am the lady of the night
God says, i am your creator, nobody is
Faster than the spirit of the light(i’m coming…)

We can’t run from the mighty hand of god,
Either kiss his son or receive his rod

(listen closely, it’s very powerful what we are gonna do tonight…)

So we say…
Forgive us lord for holding hands with darkness
Forgive us lord for idolatry
Forgive us for playing game in you presence
We yarn for your intimacy

Cry it out to the city…..


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