In all they do, they prosper…

At the beginning of each year, I take some time to what Scripture passage will be my theme/promise/guide/foundation for the year.  Ideally, I should be reflecting at the end of each year, how this passage has assisted me, but I forget to journal reminding myself of all the occasions, suffice to say, I have experienced and therefore continue.

This year’s verse was almost last year’s.  So it is one that has been on the radar screen and very close to what God has been trying to get me to focus on a bit more.  Psalm 1: 3 – “they are like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever they do, prospers.” (emphasis added NIV)

It was a professor at Tyndale that pointed out the obvious in one of his lectures, comparing one of my favourite verses in Joshua 1:8 to this Psalm that really had me excited about the interpretation of success.  The definition of success has been defined in as many different was as one who tried to define God – making the definition more experiential than intellectual.  Yet God in His wisdom has given us enough facts so that we may know Him and know success.

In fact, knowing God makes one successful.  They cry to know God.  Can it be answered?  This year I will engage in knowing God, engaged to what God describes as asking, seeking, knocking – looking forward to this awesome adventure for 2011!


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